What to wear and gift for valentine

Valentine day is just around the corner and have you have any plan to do on that day?
Do yo have a date or are planning to go out with your single pal to fill the day? or just relax at home?

This valetine falls on sunday so its just perfect.It also together with the chinese celebration of the Chinese New Year.

For those single celebrating the chinese new year , it also
be stress for them cause kaypo(busybody) relative might ask question like wheres your bf/gf and so on.

What to wear for that special valentine day may depend on what your plan for the day.

Are you going for dinner,bowling ,watching cinema or other plan?
Dress might be perfect.

TIPS :If you were to buy clothes ,shoe, new makeup or hairdo specially for this date be sure to try it before the actual date.
We dont want you to be uncomfortable with the dress ,or have leg pain with the new shoe and so on.The important thing is too look good and be comfortable

What to buy for a gift?

Engraved soaps that you can have pretty much whatever you like inscribed on your lover's bar of soap! That way they can think of you while in the shower.

Jewelry - earring and necklace set from a top brand supplier or if you have the cash you can custom made for her so it will be special for her.Remeber to help her put it on

-Sexy Lingerie, robes, cute pajama sets or bra with a note that you like to see her wear it.

-Perfume, body spray, bath and body products -try to take note of her favourite brand or her preference.

-Manicure/Pedicure Gift Certificates or have a spa with her

Roses, Flowers or any floral arrangement- to me this should be included with the gift but not the gift itself.

Guys ,you also can buy on the spot for her things that she likes

-Jewelry - watches from a top supplier, necklaces, rings, money clip or fancy lapel pins.

-Cologne and aftershave product sets.

-Sports apparel or tickets to see his favorite sporting event live especially for those die hard soccer fan.If your date is a computer geek ,buy him computer stuff.

-Other apparel like button down shirt, ties, sports jackets, etc.

-Handwritten "coupons" for a sensual massage or other, you-know stuff that guys like.If you are naughty enough,sent him a sexy bra asking him for help to put it on, (wink )

-Outdoor equipment for camping, fishing or boating.

For those who dont have a date don be sad cause you can also celebrate it you your friends ,family or even yourself. Valentine day does not necessary have to be for couple .Its a love day so as i say you can celebrate it youself cause you love and appreciate yourself.You also love your family and friend

"Never forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, you'll never know when tomorow might be too late."


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