Petite body

Create a stronger presence by wearing heels with your skinny jeans.A flowy blouse like an angel-sleeve top will also help give you more powerful silhouette

More reason to wear high heel to office

Wearing a high heels now not only for fashion but in recent UK study found that almost half of British women feel more confident when wearing high hell to work.Nearly a quarter of them feel more assertive and acknowledged by their peers.

When you`re feeling great and more confident ,you work will improve .Then there`s a chance for you to ask for a pay rise!JUst don`t overdo it and hurt your legs

What do body language has to do with fashion?

Body languge is very important in today society where everthings count including first impression.With bad body language people will think badly about you even if you are good.The thing is what do body language has to do with fashion??

With bad body language,always fidgeting,you will look terrible with the clothes you`re wearing no matter if it suits you or the latest fashion

So from now on,try hard to have a good body posture.Bad body posture is the main cause of tummy.

Confident dress

Every Girl need a confident dress in their wardrobe.It may be difficult to find because even if we have 2 whole wardrobe of clothing we seem to have "nothing to wear".Most,if not all, girls will agree.

What to look for in a confident dress?

-Perfect for you body shape.
-It should be of high quality so you fell comfortable with it
-Trend-sensitive so that it can last for 2-3 years .
-Don`t be afraid to splurge on this dress as it will safe you on unlucky occasion.

what to wear?

When you`re shopping for clothes what do you look for?
Is it the latest trend,the dress that is "in" and what others wear?
then you are wasting you money!

Remember what suit others does not necessarily suits you.

You have different look and personality.
personaloty- that the first thing to look out for .Buy and wear clothes that is suitalble for your personality.If you are an introvert,who hate attention,then that shocking pink shirt won`t suit you no matter how much you love them.

The next thing to look out for is your body shape.Different people have different body shape.check out my posts on it flatter my womanly curves and much more on this site.