Hourglass figure

Those with hourglass figure should steer clear of loose tops or tunic ,as it will make you look big

Large bust

For those of you with large bust ,you will look much better in fitted tops and bodices .Avoid loose tops

Small shoulder

Girls with a slight frame a small shoulder should steer clear of vest that are cut right where your shoulder end,as they can visually engulf your petite frame.To make your shoulder look wider and more proportionate,choose a halter vest that is cut deeper inward than your normal vest

Full chest

Busty girls should stay away from vest with a neckline that is cut too high.Layering with a covered-up vest can make you appear plump-even stout.The vest is too small for you when a vest strain when they are done up,so look for a bigger size!unless you going to wear the vest open,a more flattering cut would be one with a deeper neckline.