T-shirt is the most easy way for you to wear for your busy routine or who just want to free casually .

Wearing T shirt is easy but choosing it to buy may need you to think wisely because most people tend to buy the same thing.What I mean the same thing is that they tend to choose the same type as it seem comfortable for them .The same colour , the same design and so on.That the common mistake many people make.

Here are some points to consider when buying a t-shirt.

fabric- There are many different fabric out there for you to chose like soft, cotton,100 % nature bamboo and so on.
Different kind of fabric give you different comfortable level so it is important for you to choose wisely.You don`t want to be easily perspire when you want to maintain you look when on the date with your admire.

cost- some shirt can be very costy while some can be very cheap.It may depend on the quality of the shirt,design or the location where the tShirt is being sell.

colour - dare yourself to wear outstanding colour other than the common white or black tshirt or choose the colour that suit face palletes or skin tone.

occasion-Do you have an occasion in mind ? like family outing at the beach or casual walk at the park or something more.Make sure the design ,colour and fabric is suitable.

-make sure the size is right not too baggy and not too tight. just nice

design-One of the first thing people look when buying the shirt is the design.Some design can be quite common while some can be very unique.More unique design might be more expensive.

You can also design your own logo , monogram or quip to have a customise tshirt of your own.you just have to go to tshirt customize shop and show them your ideas.You may also want to promote you business with the t-shirt.

Else you can buy the plain basic t-shirt and show your creativeness by customising it, adding buttons on the shirt ,using marker,dyes or spray

The design ,whether customize or not ,can look smart, funny ,sarcm, geeky or have their own message.This may be important especially for girl who like to try potray different look and personality such as girlish,girl-next-door,gothic ,rock music and so on. With the right design, jeans , makeup and acessories,you can potray your desired look very easily.

If you normally wear T-shirt with jeans why not try to wear it skirt or short
If you still prefer to wear jeans make sure you
choose the right jeans for your body type

occasion-Do you have an occasion in mind ?like family outing at the beach or casual walk at the park or something more.Make sure the design ,colour and fabric is suitable.

Couple Tshirt
Couple want to show their love with each other with many ways.One of the thing that couple like to do is wearing couple tshirt especially on special day like Valentine`s Day.They think that it is cute and romantic.Some people may think that they are cool but other thinks that is too mushy.Its all up to you to decide if you want it.

-t-shirt can also be use for art lesson with kids,painting on the shirt