top heavy

Choose a paor of high waist jeans in a lighter shade. It has the illusion of fuller bottom will help your torso.

short torso

If you have a short torso add lenght to it by wearing a pair of high waist jean where the waistline dips into a slight "V" below your navel

straight cut jeans

For those with hourglass body shape and want to wear straight-cut jeans, make sure that it snug around the hip without hugginig your thighs.Choose tops that have a low meckline to play up your figure.

pear shaped figure

Definitely straight-cut jeans.Find a pair that`s straight and slightly loose so that it will helpto hide your generouships.Wear a bright-coloured top to draw attention to you top part of your body.A pair of pointy heels will also add inches to your legs