Offensive Ads

I come across the loveyoubody website and find it relevant since i just written a post on body love.There a lot of facts on body image, eating disorder,addiction and cosmetic surgery

But the main things that i want to get your attention to is the offensive ads . I know there is a lot more ads out there which is offensive to women but this site show ads from the very popular brand, which is absolutely sad but true.I want your opinion about it ,so leave some comment..

how to be sexy and beauttiful ??

One is rated by others as he rates himself.

French Proverb
Sayings of French Origin


As the quotes says,other rates our self as how we feel about our self.So if we want other to rates us as beauty , confident , chic ,sexy and so on we first must really feel that way . Don`t expect other to say that you are pretty when you feel that you are really ugly.Remember, what we think and feel will somehow affect our body posture and how we look.Other can see if you`re faking your smile.So remember LOVE YOURSELF!


Body Love or Branded Stuff?

Which one will you choose if your given the choice?

Would you prefer to high self esteem and love your body or branded stuff which is of course,expensive?

Having branded stuff would make ones look good but it does not equal to having self confident or high self esteem.Take for example those with pretty faces but still have insecurities about how they look.They will also look as if the branded stuff is `wearing` you not the other way round

On the other hand having body love would mean that you have self confident or self esteem.With confident ,even clothes that are bought cheaply from night market will look good on you.It will look even better if it suit you and you personality,of course.