More reason to wear high heel to office

Wearing a high heels now not only for fashion but in recent UK study found that almost half of British women feel more confident when wearing high hell to work.Nearly a quarter of them feel more assertive and acknowledged by their peers.

When you`re feeling great and more confident ,you work will improve .Then there`s a chance for you to ask for a pay rise!JUst don`t overdo it and hurt your legs


women wearing high heels said...

I'll be the first to admit that high heels make women more attractive physically in almost every way. But for many women you can tell that high heels give them a swagger, a confidence, that is very appealing as well. I'm sure most women do not go to work with the intention of being sexy, but high heels do give many women a shot of confidence. And I do wonder why that is.

I V Y O L O G Y said...

I'll answer that for you! :P

Of course, heels were made to give the appearance of women's feet being in the 'orgasim' position. That might have something to do with men finding them attractive. Plus heels make you taller and force you to walk with good posture - sure sign of confidence :)

Personally, I'll stick to flats and boots :P

Colin said...

I couldn't agree more, high heels give a woman stature and elegance, and obviously adds sex appeal. My wife will not leave home in flat shoes.
A great site, keep it up.