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Hide body flaws

People invest a lot in buying clothes and wanting to look good.
Many find ways to hide their flaws like bulging tummy and saggy boobs.
What they forget is to keep their body healthy and in shape so they can look beautiful in what ever they wear.
They insist on hiding their flaw behind the clothes.Its fine to hide flaws but isn it better if you do something so that you do not have to hide it anymore

What they actually have to do is to exercise and eat healthy.
When is you last workout?
Have you done any exercise today?

Having a better body will also increase your high esteem.
With it you will look better in whatever clothes you wear

taking good care of clothes

Clothes is essential for our daily life. Some women are even addicted to them that they become shopaholic.They seem not to have enought clothes and have to buy more.

Taking good care of you clothes is important especially for those who like to buy branded clothes that cost a lot.Clothes have to be taken care of not only when you are wearing it but also how you store and wash them.Storing seem easy ,just trow them in the waredrobe.but its not the case.

Fashion Robot

Japanese researchers on Monday showed off a robot that will soon strut her stuff down a Tokyo catwalk.

The fashion-bot is 158 centimetres (five foot two inches) tall, the average height of Japanese women aged 19 to 29, but weighs in at a waif-like 43 kilograms (95 pounds) -- including batteries . The robot model HRP-5C commands a hefty price -- the institute said developing her cost more than 200 million yen (two million dollars).

Hamming it up before photographers and television crews, the seductive cyborg struck poses, flashed bright smiles and pouted sulkily according to commands transmitted wirelessly from journalists via bluetooth devices.

The performance fell short of flawless when she occasionally mixed up her facial expressions -- a mistake the inventors put down to a case of the nerves as a hail of camera shutters confused her sound recognition sensors.

The preview was a warm-up for her appearance at a Tokyo fashion show on March 23.

designer handbags

besides wearing the right clothes for you body type,you can also look great with a branded bags as long as you know how to match it with your clothes.Branded bags is always expensive.

You can rent designer handbags with affordable price on the net.One such site is fashionhire

Gucci, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Fendi ,Prada are just a few of the names and its 100% genuine.

The site is nice and easy to navigate.You can view by designer,colour,bag type and also by collection.

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Asos Sales

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There a wide range of selection especially for girls/women .Besides from clothing such as day dress,tops,jeans , swimwear and shoes,you can also check out the beauty section where you can find accessories , makeup ,haircare, fragrance and body&skincare

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