Flabby arms

Avoid puff and cap sleeves like the plague. Tops or cardigans with long sleeves are fantastic,so long as they don`t stick on your arms like cling wrap.Three-quarter sleeves give you lengthening illusion.You might want to give sleeveless garments a shot too.It`s drab to cover up from head to toe like rice dumpling.Drape a shawl around the shoulder if you are uncomfortable showing too much skin.

Disguise my pear shape

"I`cant seem to find the right pair of pants that won`t make my bottom half look huge"

-gets pant that are hipster-they do good job of lenghtening your torso.
-balance your fuller hips with pants that flare around your ankles
-Wear a top that are fitted to flatter your body

-get pants with busy prints,because they make you balloon visually

Flatter my womanly curves

"I am heavy at the bust area and can hardly get shirts that fit me"
wear a camisole inside the shirt,if it is too tight the bust area.
wear boat-neck tops,as they will make your shoulders look broader

What works on curvy body?

''I`ve never worn long dresses cos i feel I don`t look good on them''
-go for dresses that are bias-cut and flowy as they will flatter your figure.
-Get tops or dresses with low neck-lines to lenghten your torso

-wear turtle-neck tops as they will make you look shorter and stouter


We have to choose the right clothes for us to use.Without the right clothes even the prettiest girl in the world will look ugly .