Wholesale Jeans And Hawaiian Shirts And How To Find Them

By: Gregg Hall

Jeans look really good paired with Hawaiian shirts and you could really have a great business just focusing on selling these two items of clothing alone. You could set up an online store and feature special combination deals with pictures of models wearing the outfits.

In the garment industry clothing is usually sold by the manufacturers to wholesalers and other business people by the dozen and in fairly large quantities. When you see vendors at small shops or at your local flea market this is probably how they got them. You have to buy in larger numbers to get the best prices however so for many people who are just starting they may have to accept lower profit margins to begin with.

Some makers sell their jeans wholesale in boxes or cases ranging from under ten to a couple of hundred and you can get them for both sexes as well as in kid's sizes. You will have to check with the particular wholesaler you are dealing with to see how they sell theirs and if you are able to specify cases of certain sizes, colors, etc. The great thing is that you will be able to find high end designer jeans from a reputable wholesaler, just be sure to investigate them thoroughly before you buy from them because designer jeans are known for being copied. Like counterfeit designer handbags, these are known as knock offs.

Now let's take a look at Hawaiian shirts. I live on an island in Florida so they are always in style, even in the winter. You don't have to be in a tropical area or planning a trip to Hawaii to enjoy the style. They are especially great for larger guys because they are cut large and flow and give you plenty of room. As with jeans, you can find a number of wholesale sources by looking online.

Most wholesalers of Hawaiian shirts will require you to buy in larger amounts to be able to get them at wholesale. This is no surprise as most clothing wholesalers do this. There is no reason for them to sell a handful of them at wholesale prices and many of them have their own retail stores as well.

Just like with the jean wholesalers, do your research and look them up with the BBB and be sure that they are known for high quality. Don't just go for low prices. A High quality true Hawaiian shirt will cost more but it will also result in greater customer satisfaction and repeat orders.

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Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about wholesale sources as well as wholesale jeans at www.buywholesaleclub.com

Buy Designer Jeans For Less at JeansDeal

By: jeansdeal

So what should you look for when searching for that perfect pair of jeans? Aside from the best possible price, here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind.

Picking the right pair.

Looking for timeless low rice, blue, women's, men's or tight jeans?

It's hard to say what will be in style a year from today, but by sticking more or less with tried and true denim styles, you can aim for and land a pair of jeans that will remain stylish for years. Here are three classic examples:

Original blue jeans: Evolving from rough and tumble work wear, these are now one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own.

Slightly faded blue jeans: More casual wear than anything else, these can nevertheless also look hip with a nice sports coat and shirt.

Dirty denim: These can be a faded brownish rusty color or blue dirty denim. More stylized than regular blue jeans, these are still subtle enough to stand the test of time.

Flashier colors like red are always off-limits in terms of timelessness, and you should also try to avoid black or white jeans. Black jeans often fall out of favor with the "fashionistas", and unless you're Don Johnson, there's no reason in hell to buy a white pair.

Consider when you'll be wearing them.

It goes without saying that being comfortable in your jeans is the most important thing; after all, even the best-looking pair of jeans will look odd if you're uncomfortable in them. Nevertheless, keeping in mind when and where you'll wear your jeans will make the process of choosing much easier.

If, for example, you only wear suits to work, your jeans might be reserved strictly for going out or for lounging around the house, which means you have few restrictions when selecting a look and style. If your work environment allows jeans, however, denim might be everyday wear. In that case, you might have to consider more conservative styles, as even in the most casual workplaces, subtlety goes a long way. Either way, always ensure your jeans look good with sneakers, boots or dress shoes.

The right style, the perfect fit and a few more things to look for in that ultimate pair of men's jeans. The solution is easy, go to the JeansDeal an online auctions website, and buy or sell a pair of jeans.

You can browse tons of top brand designer jeans for great prices.

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Jeans Deal Online Auction

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Jean Clothing Fashion For TeensPosted by Epand Victor on August 17th, 2007 in

Being a long-legged moderately skinny myself, I also have some problems finding jeans. The brand I really like right now, that is a little pricey, are Levi Capital E. They have a great variety and lots of great boot cut styles, and Levi has this handy thing called Jean finder, You answer some simple questions such as how you like your jeans to fit, and what leg opening you want, and they find you jeans based off that. Another brand of jeans I am rather fond of are Hollister, mainly because they have jeans in long, and they are defiantly long. They also have a wide variety of flared jeans and boot cut.

I have seen inserts for the side seam to enlarge the waist. If the adjustment is not a lot, you can get some jean material from the fabric shop, make a wedge shape from the fabric, allowing for seams on all sides. You will need to remove the waistband in the area of the side seam, cut it so that you can add material in the band also. Open the side seam so you can sew the wedge into the seam. Add material to the waistband to extend it to fit.
The best way is to have a pair of jeans that you like the fit. Turn the ones you want to alter inside out. Lay the good ones on top of the ones that need changing. Draw around the good ones onto the others. This will give you lines to sew on that will alter the pants to fit like the good ones. You may have to remove the waistband to alter the size of the waist. Sandblasting is a very unique process. You can try bleaching but it definitely won’t look the same. Denim makers’ use highly sophisticated chemicals and special machines to sandblast jeans after they are sewn together. That is why most denim jeans are so costly.

Usually when jeans are dyed with the brown tint they make sure that it is washable without fading. Bleach may work but you risk ruining them all together. Bleach spots and splotchy areas. The best I can suggest is to take them to dry cleaners and see if they have a jean bleaching method. Otherwise just leave them as is.

You can use fabric paints and they are so nice to work with. When they are dry they are soft to the touch. You can also use acrylic paints they dry nicely as well. Before you paint over the stain, wash the jeans without softener. Then you iron the area free of wrinkles and paint your design. When the paint has cured for at least 24 hours, use a pressing cloth and iron the painting. This will seal the paint and protect it as well. When you wash the jeans, I would use cold water, as the hot will wear the painting out faster. You can put your jeans in the dryer and I would turn them inside out to protect the paint.

To make a mini skirt! Well first, you cut the legs off. Don’t cut them exactly where the legs meet incase you need to fix something. Cut a little lower. Then you trim off any uneven edges and make the skirt the same length all the way round. But you don’t have to sew anything back. Just pull a few loose threads and give it that “customized” look. Make sure you use those big tailor scissors or any tough scissors so you don’t make a mess. Cutting jeans is really hard.Article source: ContentLog.com

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Sexy Sleek Looking Skin Tight Jeans

By Sam Benoit [ 20/01/2008 ][ viewed 11 times ]

Sexy skin tight jeans, whether you are a fan or not it is the hottest jeans in town! Tight jeans have been popular since the 1980’s, back then it was the fashion norm among the teens. Wearing tight skin tight jeans were the early Mod scene and very popular to both men and women especially among the youth culture fashions.

It came across America on the account of the Rock ’n’ Roll boom during the 1950’s. Elvis the king of rock ‘n’ roll shocked the country by donning tight jeans while showing off his famous gyrating moves. The skin tight jeans gave opportunity to people with ‘bulging packages’ to show off their assets. Men especially those who plays in rock bands are great fans of skin tight jeans giving them the impression of the ‘bad boy’ image such as the Rolling Stones and other popular heavy metal bands particularly thrash scene bands like Megadeath, Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica.

Skin tight jeans are also known in the early years in other terms such as skinny jeans, skinny pants, cigarette pants, slimjims, carrot leg pants, pencil pants, drainpipes, tapered pants, peg leg pants, ice cream cone pants and old school hood jeans.

Tight jeans have started to gain currency and the new concept of this denim is rather brave when it comes to the men’s fashion. Skin tight jeans come long and lean and as tight as you may like. Blue denim jeans have always been the most popular tones but today color fashion of tight jeans are available with the coolest and hippest undertones.

Skin tight jeans are so tight it hugs the legs and a shape the bottoms of the person wearing the jeans appearing like it’s almost a second skin. Women are so much into tight jeans, making skin tight jeans fast becoming the newest trend in town selling like hotcakes in the market now. Tight jeans are very stylish in a way that somehow it makes a lot of people look a lot thinner, enhancing the shape of the body into a more curvaceous form. There are also skin tight jeans stitched and cut into different styles that enable figure enhancements and makes miracles in camouflaging unwanted body features.

A person who wants to achieve a slimmer impression will be more successful with the right pair of skin tight jeans. Stretch denim jeans are also very hot in the market, it is considered to be the second best selling when it comes to clothing items. The materials of stretch denims are very popular in cotton and spandex fabrics and the common combination of the materials of stretch denim jeans constitutes of 1% spandex, 28% polyester and 78% cotton.

If you are aiming for the sleek look, cotton-Lycra blends of stretch denim jeans are the right pair for you. There are also artistically designed skin tight jeans available in the market. You can have these skin tight stretch denim jeans in floral, beaded and embroidered. A pair of tight jeans that has a light tone at the thighs thru the knees will give your legs a shapelier looking form

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