Is The Term Plus Size Fashion Really A Viable Category In The Fashion Industry?

By: Gregg Hall

If you are larger than the general population then you may find yourself lumped into the category of Plus Size. Do you find it hard to find clothing off the rack? With the general population getting bigger and bigger there are more people being placed in this category. Most department stores now have complete departments for plus size people in both men's and women's clothes. There are now even stand alone stores that exist for both men and women of larger size.

Fashion designers are now beginning to focus on developing lines of clothing specifically for the plus size clothing market. Now you don't have to settle for the kind of low quality clothing that used to be sold for larger people. With the increased need for more larger size clothing these designers are coming out with clothing that is just as trendy and stylish as that of regular sized people.

The plus size fashions of today look nothing like the ones of old. Today's looks allow you to wear fashions similar to those of models and celebrities even though you are plus size. The garments come in all kinds of styles and are made for wear at work, the gym, or a night on the town. With more and more designers getting into this market you should have no problems finding anything you want.

Plus size shops as well as big and tall shops can be found locally at shopping malls, strip malls and even department stores as I mentioned above. There seem to be far more plus size stores for women than men but the big and tall variety are becoming more numerous. As a larger than normal man due to bodybuilding for many years I have a need for larger clothes than I can normally find off the rack and I tend to look for big and tall shops for my needs.

The most exciting option to me is finding the things I need at an online store especially since I am online all the time as a professional internet marketer. The largest benefit in shopping on the internet is that you have access to the largest selection of products on the planet due to the shear numbers of vendors offering products there. Another huge benefit to shopping online is that you can shop 24-7 from your own home so you don't have to get out and fight traffic and pay the high gas prices. You should be able to find anything and everything you need by using the internet for you plus size clothing needs. Remember, just because you may be larger than the general population doesn't mean that you can't dress in style.

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Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about plus size clothing as well as casual wear at

Ladies, Look Like A Million On Any Budget!

Ladies, Look Like A Million On Any Budget!
All the flash, but without the cash. Now funk on that!
Imagine! You’ve been invited to a glitzy fund raiser where all the women will be clad in jewelry by Cartier and wearing gowns by such designers as Vera Wang and Donatella Versace. Searching aimlessly through your closet, you discover that the only item resembling a designer ensemble is the rayon pantsuit you purchased last summer.
Panic sets in, as you realize that the gala is only a week away. Certainly not enough time to ask the boss for a raise, so you can purchase a dress with the Versace insignia on the label. So you think of someone who has clothes in the $600-$1,000 range, but no one comes to mind.
Time to panic? No, not if you’re a designer bargain shopper. For less than $50 you can purchase a silk chiffon blouse, crepe, pleated slacks and accessories to die for, all at basement prices. It all depends on knowing where to shop and what to look for.
Consignment Shops: Like any business, there are good consignment shops and bad consignment shops. The good ones offer name brands for 1/3 of their original price. The clothes are in mint condition with that barely worn look. Moreover, consignment shops offer unique accessories by past and current designers, including scarves, earrings and handbags.For women who enjoy wearing unusual earrings, clip on styles are available in everything from pearls to rhinestones. Imagine the looks you’ll get when you enter a room wearing a necklace, pendant and matching earrings that was fashionable in the Roaring 20s. How Magnificent!
Thrift Stores: The merchandise found in these stores are traditionally cheaper than those found in consignment shops. They offer quality merchandise, but with less variety. Finding a silk suit by Ralph Lauren might be difficult, but if you’re fortunate to arrive at the store before 10 a.m., you might find a silk Baracini dress or denim jeans by Dolce & Gabbana.
Your Local Goodwill: While many scoff at the idea of Goodwill as a place to purchase designer clothing, they’re often surprised to discover that such stores offer a diverse selection of slacks, suits, shoes, jewelry, and lingerie. Granted, a few items maybe dated, but there’s still a lot to choose from. The geographic location also plays a key role in relation to quantity. For example, a Goodwill in Seattle generally has a larger variety of merchandise, than stores in smaller regions.
Estate Sales: Differ from garage sales in the quality of available merchandise. At estate sales, you can find one of a kind clothes and jewelry at reasonable prices. Reasonable, if your cash flow is accessible, but extravagant for money conscious realists, busy counting their pennies. At estate sales, expect to shell out a few dollars; so don’t forget your check book.
Garage Sales: Merchandise found at garage sales range from gaudy to elegant. Here, you can find anything from a silk Ann Klein blouse to a 50 cent plastic bracelet, it all depends on what you’re looking for.
Old Clothes Are Making A Comeback
Remember sheats, those tent like dresses, popular in the 60s? They are making a comeback. If you purchase a sheat from a ritzy boutique, expect to pay anywhere from $125-$300. But if you’re one of those people who don’t throw anything away, and you still have your original sheat, you can dress it up with accessories and it will look as good as the expensive ones. Of course, you may have to make a few alterations, in the event you’ve put on a few pounds.
Use Your Imagination
Searching for an outfit that no one has a duplicate of ? Impossible you say. No, not if you’re the designer. Adding buttons, letting down a hemline, or tucking in an inseam can turn an ordinary outfit into a stunning ensemble.A well known clothing connoisseur said she created a one of kind gown that was the envy of all her friends. As expected, everyone asked where she brought the dress, and she just smiled and said “Oh! This is the creation of a new designer. In fact, he’s so new, no one’s even heard of him yet,” the woman said grinning.
The gown that was being compared with the likes of a Sergio Valente design, cost a mere $5. The woman went to a vintage clothing store and purchased a gown , that the saleswoman said was created in the 1940s. The gown was gold lame with puffed sleeves, a sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice. However, one of the sleeves was partially torn. She then asked the saleslady the cost of the dress. The woman replied $2, and noted that she would deduct $1, based on the condition of the sleeves. The woman took the gown home and redesigned it to her satisfaction.
She began the transformation by removing the torn sleeve, and adding rhinestone appliques to the bodice, which she purchased for $4. And woolah, when she finished, the gown could only be described as stunningly unique.
We’ve all heard of those expensive department stores: Macy’s, Neiman-Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, that cater to the rich and famous. Now you too can have a designer wardrobe, that would make Oprah Winfrey cringe with envy. Caviar anyone?
Peggy Butler is a freelance writer based in North Central Florida and author of thebook "My Head is Bloody, But Unbowed". Visit her website at

Choosing The Right Jeans For Your Body Type

By: Susan Banks Sr

High on the list of frustrating things people do because they feel they have to is jeans shopping. Shopping for a pair of comfortable chinos would be easier, but it would not meet that irresistible need to have a stylish well fitting pair of jeans ready to go at a moments notice.

If you are like most people, there are several pairs of jeans in your closet that almost never see the light of day. They may have looked right in the store, but at home they just don’t make the cut over the one pair in the closet that actually fits and feels just right. Just about all frustrated shoppers have thoughts on the matter of how to buy the right pair of jeans. Only a few ideas, however, are really worth considering given subtle variations of body types that a pair of jeans needs to fit.

Fit the body type
Although it is fairly simplistic to say that there are only five body types, it is the easiest way to narrow down the hundreds that could be given. Consider these groupings: short-wasted, long torso, plus-size, wide hips, slim and petite. There are of course variations in between. For a short-waste consider lower fitting hip hugger jeans. These will tend to elongate the upper body. For a long torso body type, go for a pair of jeans that has a defined waist. This goes in the opposite direction of the short waist person. Plus size people need to work with balancing the hips. To do this, look for a flare at the bottom of the leg. This will balance out the hips. Also, large pockets close together will help. A petite person should consider a straight leg pair of jeans that may be a bit baggier then normal. This will cast a taller silhouette.

Age appropriate jeans
Unless you look like Goldie Hawn when she was in her 20’s and 30’s certain areas of the body have moved and your attitude has changed. Make yourself understand that the days of the torn knee and low-rise jeans are gone. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it gives you quite a few options with regard to style and fit.

Where are you going?
The perfect fit means differing things for differing uses. Jeans at a casual party require a differing fit then if you might be wearing them on a casual Friday. Consider a stiffer leg if you are going to a function that isn’t quite a picnic but not a slack sort of function. A straight leg will work for people with a narrow waist or short legs, and if your waste isn’t quite as narrow as it once was go with darker colors. Darker colors cover up a host of body imperfections.
Casual Fridays call for a dark jean and a defined waste. Anybody can wear this type of jean no matter the body type, but if you are plus-sized or petite add the rules above. The real trick to fitting your style and body type, in this instance, is to find a pair of straight leg jeans you are comfortable with and buy two pair. Buy one pair for flats and one for heels.

When in doubt, accessorize
If you are still having a difficult time finding just that right pair of jeans to fit your body type don’t fret. As the saying goes, “when in doubt accessorize.” If your hips are still in the way, a good pair of shoes and a few frills on the blouse may help a bit (don’t go crazy on the frills though.) Try matching the jean color to some jewelry. Or, the wide ankle is always a good fall back to distract while continuing to be stylish.

Take it along
One of the biggest errors that people make when jean shopping is to not take along those items that they will have on, or with them, when they are actually wearing the jeans. If you need a defined waist or a distraction take along a belt to make sure it fits and works well with whatever else you may wear with the jeans. Afterall, if they fit well, but don’t necessarily look right, you can always make them look right.

Taking care of those that fit
When you have finally found a pair of jeans that fit and look stylish make sure that you take care of them. A good pair of jeans that fit is not something to take lightly. Always wash your jeans in cold water and if you want to go to extremes turn them inside out so that they don’t fade. Always hang dry the jeans and, if you are going to make alterations, wash them a few times first just in case they want to shrink.

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The Hottest Jeans for 2008 - Jeans Deal

By: jeansdeal

The different shapes and styles of jeans for fall and winter 2008 are limitless! From high-waist to mid-rise, from wide-leg to skinny, there is a prefect jean for every shape and size. Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry - I'll break it down for you.

High-Waists: High-waist jeans are perfect for creating a curvy, hourglass figure! They also happen to be one of the hottest looks for the fall and winter season. The high-waist usually comes up slightly higher than the belly button. The waist of the jeans accentuate and create a tiny waist, which offsets the hips to create gorgeous curves. For an extra special look, find jeans with detailing like extra-large buttons and embroidery.

Mid-Rise: The mid-rise jeans are a fusion between the extreme low rise jeans, popular in recent years, and the high-waist rise. They rise about 1 1/2 - 2 inches below the belly button. A mid-rise is perfect for hiding and "holding in" that little extra around the mid-section. The mid-rise has been said to be the cure for "muffin tops," where the love handles hang over low-rise jeans.

Wide-Leg/Trouser Jeans: The wide-leg is the freshest cut this season. This seasons response to the skinny jeans, the wide cut of the legs create a long, straight line. With its roomy legs, these jeans hide every imperfection! The straight line from top to bottom gives the appearance of a taller, slimmer you. Be sure to wear these with a slim-cut top to balance everything out!

Classic Straight Leg: The classic, straight leg jeans are back this season with a vengeance! A nice balance between a boot-cut and a skinny, straight jeans aren't just "mom jeans" anymore! Say goodbye to tapering and unflattering rises! The classic straight is good for all ages, and creates the illusion of longer, thinner legs.

Boot-cut: Boot-cut jeans are timeless, making a comeback every season. Boot-cut is a great on almost every woman because the slight flare at the bottom draws the eye downward, taking emphasis off of the hips. Purchasing a great pair of boot-cut jeans is an investment. Avoid flashy detailing to take this jean with you from season to season!

Skinny: Don't worry, ladies! Your favorite jean trend for the past few seasons is here to stay! The skinny jean is perfect for accentuating and creating gorgeous curves. Though most think that only the very thin women can pull these trendy jeans off, it's just not true! The average woman can wear skinny jeans with long, loose tops to take emphasis off of the hips. Average and plus-sized women will also find that tucking skinny jeans into boots will balance out the hips. Tip: try buying your skinny jeans a size up for extra room and comfort.

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