Offensive Ads

I come across the loveyoubody website and find it relevant since i just written a post on body love.There a lot of facts on body image, eating disorder,addiction and cosmetic surgery

But the main things that i want to get your attention to is the offensive ads . I know there is a lot more ads out there which is offensive to women but this site show ads from the very popular brand, which is absolutely sad but true.I want your opinion about it ,so leave some comment..


Alisha said...


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Again, I apologize for having to leave a comment, pl. note it is not my intent to spam you.


The Fitness Diva said...

The Dolce and Gabbana stylish rape scene is definitely way over the top.
That's a scene that is played out daily for women in other parts of the world, without the cool clothes, chic background and chiseled male models, of course.

The butt bowling ball is just silly. Who is the ad manager that approves some of these things?

Most of these ads have issues. Consumers that find them offensive need to stop supporting these products.

Margaret said...

That's a great link--the D+G ad especially was just awful, but I also think that the magazines are responsible too, because they run these---and where is the value in a women's magazine running ads that simulate gang rape? Ugh.