Body Love or Branded Stuff?

Which one will you choose if your given the choice?

Would you prefer to high self esteem and love your body or branded stuff which is of course,expensive?

Having branded stuff would make ones look good but it does not equal to having self confident or high self esteem.Take for example those with pretty faces but still have insecurities about how they look.They will also look as if the branded stuff is `wearing` you not the other way round

On the other hand having body love would mean that you have self confident or self esteem.With confident ,even clothes that are bought cheaply from night market will look good on you.It will look even better if it suit you and you personality,of course.


Paul Baines said...

An interesting topic - I'd say that most of the fashion industry relies on low self-esteem (in regards to body image). Although they are slowly shifting since the whole size 0 debate began, it will be a long time before brands and designers will be able to stick to good design and avoid the self-image obsessed 'lifestyle management' they purport to offer their consumers through magazines and shows. Essentially I began as a student picking out retro bargains at markets such as Camden and Greenwich in London (when it was cheap!) - I never bought into brands as I couldn't afford it. Those friends who did buy brands lacked imagination when choosing their wardrobe and made some rather ugly choices - especially with sportswear. Women have it far worse, I honestly think that the most powerful women working in fashion publishing and marketing have made it worse. Profit comes before sisterhood, there are a few exceptions in the beauty industry, Simple and Body Shop for example, but on the whole a designer wants women to feel unattractive until they wear their latest collection!

merryl said...

Hi everyone,

I believe that something you can actually wear, like a watch or something you use everyday and always carry with you like a cell phone, perfume, a office table clock, an Ipod, a handbag, or a digital camera, is the most personal way to be remembered by the one you want to offer something to.

Every time that person will look at herself in the mirror or will use that something you have given her, she will think of you with gratitude and appreciation !

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Good N Crazy said...

I love this. I've always been one to scoff at people stressed about body image. Since I was a teenager. I also refused to buy into fads. And designer clothes irk me with their advertising on my butt!

I vote for looks good feels good, not looks expensive!