jeans for tall people

Sometime being tall may have dificulties with jean but don`t worry .Skinny jeans is made for you, tall people.Avoid loking stick thin by layering your top.

jeans for tummy

You are going out to have fun but you have troubles tummy and no money to buy a corset?
then use your high waist jeans as it work like a corset and are great for shaping you body.Find a pair that fit comfortably across your waist

Can plus size people wear skinny jeans ?

Who say plus size people can`t?The trick is to balance the chunkiness of your thighs with height in the form of a platform heel.It make you seem leaner.This will make you feel confident.

How to look stylish

In today`s society look does matter or should i say it matter most at certain point if time .Also first impression count especially for jobs interview.When you look stylish you will be more confident ,be it be in realtionship or you want to be stylish and confident?Read more HERE!

Athletic body type

If you have an athletic body shape , a straight-cut jeans fit perfectly for you.Pair them with an off-shoulder top or a toga to show off your sexy shoulders!