Remove stain from clothes

To remove rust stain freom clothing,moisten the spot with lemon,

spinkle it with some salt and

then leave it in the sun for a few days,

Short legs-what shoes to wear?

If you have short legs,the trick to have them look like never ending is to wear a pair of super high point v heels whichis the closest to your skin colour.If you are wearing pant,choose the same colour as your heels

Getthe 'just-rolled-out-of-the-bed ' look

-get rid of any rough flakes on your lips

-apply your lip with a nude coloured lip pencil,blend the colour into your lips

-Apply your lipstick

-Use strong colour for your eyes.

Get expensive-looking pout with cheap lipsticks.

Most women think that they have to have the most expensive cosmetics to look elegant,but any lipsticks will do if you know the tricks.

To do so,apply your lipstick then top it off with a gloss that contain tiny metallic flecks.

Your lipstickcan be red,but if you are going for a classy look,it should lean toward a natural ue.

Things to do:Add watermelon to your diet

Why :Eating watermelon between meals kills your appetite.It also fills you up with fibre and nutrient and hepls clean out your system to prevent bloating.

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