10 Reasons Why Sandals Are Just Better Than Shoes Any Day

By: Scott Stadler

1. Sandals are downright fashionable. With styles that cover practically every possible reason and season, sandals never go out of style. In fact, many popular designs and styles of sandals remain lasting fashion statements year after year.

2. With sandals, foot freedom reins. Just ask any college student why they love their flip-flops. Ask a beachgoer how come they're not wearing tennis shoes. Sandals deliver an enticing balance of being almost barefoot but still having shoes on the feet. It's a lifestyle really.

3. They deliver comfort like no other. There is just something great about the way sandals tend to break in and conform to the foot - almost like they're an extension of the feet themselves. Shoes haven't quite found a way to enter this territory yet.

4. Sandals have health benefits. Many podiatrists actually recommend the wearing of supportive sandals for the healthful benefits they provide for feet. Some sandals work in the same way as custom orthotics do to really help promote foot correct posture.

5. Forget about the fungus. It's true; sandal wearers get the added foot health benefit of having cool, dry feet. This means there's no place to harbor fungus, preventing a fungal foot infection before it can ever begin to take hold.

6. Sandals are usually more affordable. Okay, this one is for the practical-minded, but when it comes down to it, sandals are generally less costly than other types of shoes. It might have something to do with the fact that less material used equals less expense or it could just all be wishful thinking.

7. Try to beat the versatility of the sandal. Poolside, at the beach, backyard, or nowhere even close - just slip 'em on and slip 'em off. It's hard to beat the versatility provided by the always fashionable footwear.

8. Promote balance with sandals. It is really no surprise that sandals have been chosen to help increase and promote balance. Practitioners of yoga have even adapted sandals with individual straps between each toe to encourage an increased sense of balance in the art of yoga.

9. They're the original footwear from history. Sandals are time tested, having stood the test of time longer than any other form of footwear. The tennis shoe has been around for decades, the boot for centuries, but the sandal has been in use for millenniums. That must speak for something.

10. Sandals show expression. Sure, all kinds of shoes can be fashion-forward. However, no other form of footwear is as conducive to showing off a fun and funky sense of style and spirit like the sandal.

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Brandy said...

Agree with you. I also like to wear sandals more than shoes.

Brandy said...

Agree with you. I also like to wear sandals more than shoes.