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The different shapes and styles of jeans for fall and winter 2008 are limitless! From high-waist to mid-rise, from wide-leg to skinny, there is a prefect jean for every shape and size. Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry - I'll break it down for you.

High-Waists: High-waist jeans are perfect for creating a curvy, hourglass figure! They also happen to be one of the hottest looks for the fall and winter season. The high-waist usually comes up slightly higher than the belly button. The waist of the jeans accentuate and create a tiny waist, which offsets the hips to create gorgeous curves. For an extra special look, find jeans with detailing like extra-large buttons and embroidery.

Mid-Rise: The mid-rise jeans are a fusion between the extreme low rise jeans, popular in recent years, and the high-waist rise. They rise about 1 1/2 - 2 inches below the belly button. A mid-rise is perfect for hiding and "holding in" that little extra around the mid-section. The mid-rise has been said to be the cure for "muffin tops," where the love handles hang over low-rise jeans.

Wide-Leg/Trouser Jeans: The wide-leg is the freshest cut this season. This seasons response to the skinny jeans, the wide cut of the legs create a long, straight line. With its roomy legs, these jeans hide every imperfection! The straight line from top to bottom gives the appearance of a taller, slimmer you. Be sure to wear these with a slim-cut top to balance everything out!

Classic Straight Leg: The classic, straight leg jeans are back this season with a vengeance! A nice balance between a boot-cut and a skinny, straight jeans aren't just "mom jeans" anymore! Say goodbye to tapering and unflattering rises! The classic straight is good for all ages, and creates the illusion of longer, thinner legs.

Boot-cut: Boot-cut jeans are timeless, making a comeback every season. Boot-cut is a great on almost every woman because the slight flare at the bottom draws the eye downward, taking emphasis off of the hips. Purchasing a great pair of boot-cut jeans is an investment. Avoid flashy detailing to take this jean with you from season to season!

Skinny: Don't worry, ladies! Your favorite jean trend for the past few seasons is here to stay! The skinny jean is perfect for accentuating and creating gorgeous curves. Though most think that only the very thin women can pull these trendy jeans off, it's just not true! The average woman can wear skinny jeans with long, loose tops to take emphasis off of the hips. Average and plus-sized women will also find that tucking skinny jeans into boots will balance out the hips. Tip: try buying your skinny jeans a size up for extra room and comfort.

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