how to look slim

Every women just wish to be slim and beautiful.

body language is an important part of your appearance.Its one of the thing that people look at.
do not slouch ,it just for old lady.Slouching is a bad posture that will make you have tummy.

Having good body posture will make you taller and slimmer

Loving your body and having confidence will look sexy naturally


Slimmer with colours and clothes.

Wearing one colour will make you much slimmer .

Actually you can wear any colour you want but

make sure you wear colours that is suitable for your skin tone .Wearing the wrong colour tone

for you skin may make you look older or fatter .Nice colour does not mean that it will look nice

on you.

When you wear fitted clothes, you look slimmer and leaner.

Weating clothes that is too tight make you look FAT or

too loose will show bulge, It also helps to wear heels and keep dresses and skirts at the knee to

show more leg, which elongates the body .Tight at yout waist will make you slimmer


It also important to wear the right underwear.Wearing the right underwear make you more

comfortable with your skin,make you more confidence and more sexy.

You can wear corset to improve you shape,

Exercise regularly and wear sport bra



1. Solid Colors: pant color is best in solid dark shades such as black, navy, gray, or brown.

2. Fabric: choose wrinkle resistant fabrics.

3. Fit: pants should drape comfortably over the leg, not tight fitting.

4. Flared: pant legs should hang straight or slightly flared, not tapered.

5. Length: wear 2 inch comfortable heels, and pant legs should hang down to the middle of the heel.

6. Flat Front: pant front should be flat, no pleats.

7. No Cuffs: avoid cuffs as they shorten the leg.

8. Sock Color: sock or stocking should match pant color.

9. Jacket: wear a longer jacket that hangs just below the hips.

10. Top Untucked: wear a top untucked.

looking pounds slimmer:

- Wear long cardigans or single-breasted unconstructed jackets that fall below your hips. Also, soft shoulder pads (not too stiff or thick) would be good to give the illusion of a smaller waist.

- Wear straight dresses with a long jacket or cardigan of the same color.

- Don't emphasize your waist; wear long tunics with slim, but not tight pants.

- To make your legs look longer, skirts should fall right at the knee.

-. The color black is the most slimming of all. But, don't be afraid to wear nice colors, too.

-. Wear shoes with a 2 inch heel. You'll be taller and slimmer. If you're comfortable in higher heels, fine. But, too high a heel is not good for your foot.

- Wear earrings, necklaces, and scarves to draw attention upward toward your face.

-If wearing a dark skirt, wear dark nylons. But, strappy sandals without nylons look chic with skirts, too.

-Smile more, you'll look happy and self-assured and no one will notice your weight.

Wear dresses that have an empire waist. This emphasizes the smallest part of your body under

your bust. Sometimes there is a panel of fabric here or a belt can be worn to cinch the waist. The

length of the dress should not go past your knee. If you prefer skirts, try A-line skirts that cinch

your waist and float away from the body.

Layering structured jackets on top of shirts and camisoles can accentuate your waist and bust.

Wearing a jacket can also hide a tummy. Jackets should fit in the shoulder and not have shoulder

pads, which only add weight to your frame. Shorter jackets that hit your waist or mid-hip are

best, because it makes your torso shorter and your legs appear longer.

Want to make your fuller face look slimmer? Most hairstylists will tell you a slimming hairstyle

can change your whole appearance dramatically. Here are a set of hair tips that do the trick:

-Wavy or Loose Curls
-Relax or Straighten Curls
-Don’t Cut Above the Chin
-Sweep Your Bangs to the Side
-Get Highlights

Kate Moss as a designer

Kate Moss, is now turning to be a handbag designer as she collaborate with bag

company Longchamp.Before that she have become a model for advertising with the same

company for eight seasons.

With the collaboration,she will have her own personal range label called 'Kate Moss for Longchamp'

Kate moss is really lucky with having alresady creates clothes for British high street store Topshop and also has her own fragrances .

And now her seven years old daughter ,is also want to design handbag for her
own label.

To help raise money for the Haiti,Kate has donated a Chanel bag to an online auction

She is "devastated" over the recent death of designer Alexander McQueen,

whose real name is Lee McQueen

What to wear and gift for valentine

Valentine day is just around the corner and have you have any plan to do on that day?
Do yo have a date or are planning to go out with your single pal to fill the day? or just relax at home?

This valetine falls on sunday so its just perfect.It also together with the chinese celebration of the Chinese New Year.

For those single celebrating the chinese new year , it also
be stress for them cause kaypo(busybody) relative might ask question like wheres your bf/gf and so on.

What to wear for that special valentine day may depend on what your plan for the day.

Are you going for dinner,bowling ,watching cinema or other plan?
Dress might be perfect.

TIPS :If you were to buy clothes ,shoe, new makeup or hairdo specially for this date be sure to try it before the actual date.
We dont want you to be uncomfortable with the dress ,or have leg pain with the new shoe and so on.The important thing is too look good and be comfortable

What to buy for a gift?

Engraved soaps that you can have pretty much whatever you like inscribed on your lover's bar of soap! That way they can think of you while in the shower.

Jewelry - earring and necklace set from a top brand supplier or if you have the cash you can custom made for her so it will be special for her.Remeber to help her put it on

-Sexy Lingerie, robes, cute pajama sets or bra with a note that you like to see her wear it.

-Perfume, body spray, bath and body products -try to take note of her favourite brand or her preference.

-Manicure/Pedicure Gift Certificates or have a spa with her

Roses, Flowers or any floral arrangement- to me this should be included with the gift but not the gift itself.

Guys ,you also can buy on the spot for her things that she likes

-Jewelry - watches from a top supplier, necklaces, rings, money clip or fancy lapel pins.

-Cologne and aftershave product sets.

-Sports apparel or tickets to see his favorite sporting event live especially for those die hard soccer fan.If your date is a computer geek ,buy him computer stuff.

-Other apparel like button down shirt, ties, sports jackets, etc.

-Handwritten "coupons" for a sensual massage or other, you-know stuff that guys like.If you are naughty enough,sent him a sexy bra asking him for help to put it on, (wink )

-Outdoor equipment for camping, fishing or boating.

For those who dont have a date don be sad cause you can also celebrate it you your friends ,family or even yourself. Valentine day does not necessary have to be for couple .Its a love day so as i say you can celebrate it youself cause you love and appreciate yourself.You also love your family and friend

"Never forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, you'll never know when tomorow might be too late."